The Whole Family Approach

Most families experience challenges in life. Our family care service provides specialist support using the whole family approach that was designed to help families individually and holistically to address their challenges. Our team will ensure that each family receives individualized services that focus on specific safety and skill assessment, corresponding intervention and progress evaluation in decreasing risk. Our experienced staff will strategically incorporate their knowledge and understanding of toxic duo and toxic trio when working with families with issues such as domestic abuse/violence, mental health, and drug & alcohol misuse. Additionally, our family support team will work in collaboration with any other services involved with the family and our partnership will strengthen the family’s positive potential and ultimately achieve the desired goal of our team which is to maintain a well-functioning family, enhance parenting skills and prevent the child or young person from being placed outside of the family unit.

Focus Findings Family Care focuses on providing required support at the earliest opportunity to prevent crisis and the escalation of need for children, young people and their families.